Thursday, May 5, 2011

About Harrison

My son is pretty much the greatest kid in the world. I'm a lucky mom. I'll just point out some of the outstanding evidence.

He has 12 teeth (kind of a lot for a 13-month-old, I think), and he uses them very responsibly. He doesn't bite people, though he did go through a short phase when he wanted to bite during moments of frustration. When he couldn't get a hold of Mom or Dad, he'd bite himself. He'd yell and then chomp. He went through a brief period of biting the floor when he was frustrated as well. My sister Carolyn loved that stage.

He squints his eyes a lot. It's just really cute. I worried at first that there might be a problem with his vision, but I'm convinced now he's mimicking me. (I don't wear my glasses very often.)

He can stack blocks! This is a pretty recent development; before he was more interested in demolition (knocking down the towers Matt or I built as soon as he saw them). Now he can make a two-story block tower like a pro.

He can play the kazoo. It still delights him that he's finally figured out how to get the buzz to work. It distracts him from his playing though. It usually sounds like this when he's got the kazoo: Bvvt. "Heh." Bvvt. "Heh." I'll have to try to catch it on film.

He's got some cool dance moves. Mostly, he marches or does something that would probably be called "the sprinkler" at a Jr. High dance, if you can imagine what that would look like. It makes people smile, when they're fortunate enough to see it.

He waves to nearly everyone. This makes people smile, too.

And my favorite: He folds his arms and bows his head for prayer. It's so darn sweet! He has kept this posture for the whole prayer a couple of times, and he occasionally says "Maymen" afterwards.

Seriously, I've really lucked out with this one. He's an angel when we're out shopping, and he loves tickling and snuggling. About the worst his behavior get is dropping food on the floor when he doesn't feel like eating it and doing things he knows he's not supposed to do while shaking his head and saying "no no no." I love this boy!


Genevieve Beck said...

He sounds very delightful! And look at your chic haircut! It looks great on you!

Wendi said...

Wow, he has a big vocabulary for a 13 month old! What cute things he does! I love the "no, no, no," while he's doing what he's not supposed to be doing!

Brian said...

You got your hair cut! Cute! And so is your little man :)