Friday, July 23, 2010

Four-month-old baby

We love our boy!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Great Day, Everyone!

Two days ago at the bank, the woman behind us in line asked how old Harrison was. When I told her almost 4 months, she said, "Oh, he's a big boy!" That's a big deal for us because he was kind of scrawny for a while. And as if to prove the woman right about his skills as well as his size, Harrison made two important breakthroughs yesterday!

Roller from Kathryn Crosby on Vimeo.

H's Firsts - The Hilarious Lion from Kathryn Crosby on Vimeo.

That's the best sound in the world, don't you think? Harrison has giggled a couple of random times before, but this is the first time we've gotten such consistent laughter. Special thanks to Michelle, who made the lion (which Harrison LOVES).

It was a pretty good day for Matt and I too. In the anatomy lab where Matt's working, he was the only one among the TAs and students who could shed some light on a certain obterator artery. As for me, I saw some tiny baby quail and scored some shorts at Ross, which will help make this Phoenix summer more bearable. Pretty good, all around!