Wednesday, July 1, 2009


In the few minutes of public library internet time I've got today, I'm just going to note some news in our lives.

In the past month and a half,

  • Matthew and Kathryn visited Eagar, where the sun is not so mean.
  • Kathryn picked up a fascination for gardening (it's still theoretical, though), read some books, and edited some others.
  • Matthew's work situation improved a little.
  • Matthew and Kathryn enrolled in an anatomy and physiology class together. Their final is on Friday - hooray!
  • Matthew and Kathryn moved to a lovely condo.
  • Matthew and Kathryn visited Utah, very briefly.
And finally, and most importantly,
  • Matthew got accepted to medical school at Midwestern University in Glendale!
I'm so proud of Matt. He's going to be a great doctor. We have a busy month ahead with another move and all the other preparations, but I'm going to try to savor this pre-med school time.

And one more thing: here come the summer thunderstorms!