Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hormones and Pathogens

I haven't noticed many mood issues during my pregnancy. I've been pretty even-tempered the whole time, with the exception of a little breakdown during a game of Settlers of Catan over Christmas.

But this week, I watched a couple of Super Bowl ads online, and I cried in two of them. First, the Google Paris commercial:

The very last part with the baby giggle and the query about building a crib got me. Maybe that's not so unusual. I'm positive there are non-pregnant people who cried during that part too. But my tears in the Volkswagon Punch Dub commercial are a little more ridiculous:

Yep, during those 2.5 seconds when the woman in labor punches her husband and says "gray one," I thought, "Aww! She's having a baby too!" and the waterworks started.

But I've been very fortunate to have a pregnancy largely free of inconvenient symptoms and complications. And really blessed to have Matthew around for those times when problems arise. This week I caught a stomach bug, and what a guy - he set up a comfy, pillowy bed for me, held my hair while I knelt over the toilet, and came home from the store with Gatorade, Tylenol, and these lovely flowers. I was better in no time!
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February's Book

Sorry this announcement is a little late, but I'll be reading Kepler's Witch by James A. Connor this month. Let me know if you want to read along! Oh, and thanks for the suggestions. I'm trying to figure out which ones I want to read the most, and it's not easy!

I'll post next month's book earlier.